Why choose IPG?

With over 24 years experience in the international property business and with many thousands of satisfied clients, we have an outstanding reputation for service, quality, choice, and value for money. You can be assured of complete peace of mind throughout the buying process with us.

What type of property is best for me?

The easiest way to find your perfect property is to fill out the property search form. We’ll use this to create customized property portfolio that’ll fit you best.

How can my unused vacation home make me money?

Let our management company, IPG Professional Management, rent it out for you (long term or short term) when you’re not using it. This will earn you rental income. We’ll take care of securing bookings (or tenant(s) for long term rental) and maintaining your vacation home.  Learn more

Should I buy a move-in-ready property?

A move-in-ready property allows you move in fast, but if you want to change something about it, you’ll have to make any changes (ex. new kitchen, repaint walls, install hardwoods, etc.) after the purchase. This is an added expense, and it can take some time to get everything the way you want.

What's an off-plan property, and should I buy one?

Buying an off-plan property is buying a property before it’s been built. Off-plan properties are usually prior to construction at a discount. By the time it’s been built, it’s value should have risen. If you’re prepared to wait and speculate, off-plan property offers a great investment opportunity. Buying a property off-plan means you are securing it at today’s prices and, given the trends of recent years, by the time the property is completed it should have significantly increased in value.

Can you help me find exactly what I'm looking for?

Of course! Just fill out the property search form, and we’ll send you property tailored to your needs. Fill out the property search form

Can I arrange a trip to view properties?

Sure! To help you find the vacation home for you, we offer discounted viewing trips. One of our agents will welcome you, host you, answer all your questions, and show you a selection of properties according to what you enter in the property search form. Once you submit the form, we’ll reach out to you. There’s absolutely no pressure to buy, and no hard-sell tactics.

Who will take care of my new property?

IPG Realty’s management company, IPG Professional Management, can. They manages over 400 rentals in the central Florida area and can take care of all your property needs–from pool maintenance, to pest control, to mail forwarding. Learn more

Can you manage long term rentals?

Yes, our management currently manages over 60 long term rentals in the Central Florida area. We’ll provide quality tenants and ensure your property looks as good as the day you bought it. Learn more